Cold Storage in Dallas


The building was constructed in 1913 and operated under the name "Texas

Ice House" providing ice for railroad cars which ran adjacent to

the facility and required ice to preclude food spoilage. Due to its

convenient location adjacent to 2 major railroads, Texas Ice House caused

its local ice producing competitors to lose so much revenue that they

joined together to buy the business and subsequently closed the entire


The property was idle until 1940 when it was purchased by the Hinckley

family. The Hinckleys were approached by local businesses who needed

refrigerated cooler and freezer spaces so they restarted the compressors

and "Hinckley Cold Storage" was born. Hundreds of local food service

businesses got their start in the Hinckley facility including TCBY

Yogurt. Serving North Texas as Hinckley Cold Storage for almost sixty

years, the facility’s original name, Texas Ice House was restored in 1997.

Today, the facility provides one-of-a-kind self-serve refrigerated storage

solutions for a wide variety of small businesses whose tenure in the

building ranges from 90 days to over two decades.